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Educational Magnet Building Sticks & Balls Kit gives your children the experience they deserve – with a variety of shapes, your child can choose between curved & straight shapes in different lengths, develop their creativity and plan intricate designs with our dazzling PASTEL COLORS, that ignite the imagination and give an artistic touch to every model, turning every day to a party with the balloon-like style of the magnets.

Learning through play has never been more engaging! Let your kids’ imagination run wild and create their own one-of-a-kind designs. Dream a model, design it & create it. It’s fun & easy to assemble the models with the super sensitive, high-quality magnets – Feel the joy of seeing your kid successfully assemble a model.

Sticks and Balls Magnets Set, your children and you can bond for hours and experience together with the joy of turning your imagination into reality. The best game for developing kids patience, precision, and problem-solving skills, while nurturing an artistic perception and conceptual understanding of form and function. The intricate PATTERNS OF DOTS & WHIRLS on the magnets enrich the playing experience and spark the imagination

Astounding Pastel colors, shapes & models that mesmerize and everyone loves. Plus, you get a LARGE STORAGE BOX, helping you organize the pieces together & making your life much simpler. With children-friendly rounds edges, your children. Quality durable materials that will withstand countless hours of playing.


Allowing them to attract and connect to each other easily.
2) The set is designed to encourage educational and creative play.
3) Children can use their imagination to build a wide range of geometric designs.
4) The magnetic balls and rods are constructed using durable and high-quality materials.
5) The magnets used in the set are typically secured within the balls and rods.
6) The magnets embedded in the balls and rods possess a strong magnetic force.
7) The magnetic balls and rods offer versatile building options due to their modular nature.
8) The set is often designed to be portable and compact, making it convenient to carry and store.
9) Many magnetic construction sets come in vibrant colors.
10) The different colors of the balls and rods can help with color recognition and create visually engaging structures.


Versatile Educational Toy: Creativity.
High-Quality Materials: Durable and non-toxic materials.
Magnetic Force: Strong magnetic force.
Creative Possibilities: Children can explore their imagination.
STEM Learning Tool: This toy promotes STEM.
Experience: Hands-On Learning.
Suitable for Ages: Suitable for children of various ages.
Parent-Child Bonding: Encourages parent-child interaction.